Tue Aug 31 2021

1 min read

Store bans are to stop certain customers that you choose to not be able to buy from your store.

How to ban

To ban someone from your store, head over to the store you want to ban a player from, in the navigation bar click ‘Store Bans’. On the left side you will be presented with ‘Player Name’ and ‘Reason’ fill both of these fields out. Once you’re happy click ‘Ban Player’ and now that player will be banned from your store.

How to unban

Go to the store that you want to unban someone from, and click ‘Store Bans’ in the navigation bar. On the right side will be all the players that you have banned from your store. To unban someone click on their username and then you will get a pop-up and in the bottom left there will be an ‘Unban’ button.


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