Tue Aug 31 2021

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How do I create a product?

Navigate to:

  1. Your Store
  2. Products

Press the start button to start creating your product

Once you have finished creating your product, scroll to the bottom and press save to finalise your creation

How do I edit a product?

  1. Product Information

    Product Name - Enter a name for your product

    Product Price - Enter a price higher than 1.00

    Purchase Limit - Set the limit for number of times this item can be purchased per customer

    Store Categories - Categories in which the product should be assigned

    Product Dependencies - Does the product depend on having already purchased another product

    Product Webhooks - Webhooks to be executed when someone purchases the product

    Player Server Options - The server(s) to which the product will be delivered to

    Minecraft in-game GUI (icon) - the icon that will represent this product in the in-game GUI

    Product displayed in all products list - Determines if the product is displayed in all products or only the category it is in

    Product Image - Add an image for your product

    Short Description - Add a short description to your product that users will see before clicking on it

    Long description - Add a longer description to your product that users will see to gain further information to the product

  2. Command Configuration

    Command - This is the command that will be executed on a server when the product is purchased. Be sure to check your command is correct but if not, there is no worry as you can update the command at any time

    Server to run command on - This decides the server(s) that the command should be executed on. If this is left blank, the customer is given the choice of the server when they purchase the product

    Require player to be online to execute- When enabled, this signifies that the command is only executed when the player is logged into the server. When disabled, the command is executed regardless of if the player is online or not

  3. Discord Actions

    Action - The action that will be carried out by the discord bot

    Send message - Sends a message to the respective channel

    Give role - Gives the role purchased to the user or everyone

    Execute once per transaction - Decides how many times this action can execute

How do I edit a product?

Navigate to:

  1. Your Store
  2. Products

Click edit product. From here you can edit any fields as mentioned above. When finished editing, click save at the bottom right of the panel.

How do I delete a product?

Navigate to:

  1. Your Store
  2. Products
  3. Edit product

Press delete and then once more to confirm the deletion of your product


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