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Nitrado is the worldwide leading service provider in the sector of game server hosting. PlayerLands has a unique partnership with Nitrado to get you making money from your online server community as easily as possible. To get started with Nitrado, click here to purchase a server and get it set up instantly.

How to register with your Nitrado account

Logging into PlayerLands with your Nitrado account allows you to automatically deploy the PlayerLands plugin to your Nitrado server without any hassle. First of all, you'll need to register with your Nitrado account. It doesn't matter if you already have a PlayerLands account with the same email as your Nitrado account; your existing PlayerLands account will automatically link to your Nitrado account.

Navigate to:

  1. The register page.

Next, click the sign up with Nitrado button.

Next, you'll need to enter your Nitrado login information. The page should look like this: Nitrado Register

Once you've registered with Nitrado, you'll be able to login to Nitrado with the same button on the login page.

How do I deploy the PlayerLands plugin to my Nitrado server?

Note: You'll need to have a Nitrado server running to deploy the PlayerLands plugin to it.

First of all, you'll need to have created a store with PlayerLands. The guide for that can be found here.
Once you've done that, navigate to: 1. Stores 2. The store that you want to be linked to your Nitrado server.

Your store dashboard page should look like this:

Nitrado servers

If it doesn't, make sure that you logged in through your Nitrado account, and you have a Nitrado server up and running.

Finally, all you'll need to do is click the deploy button next to your Nitrado server under your nitrado servers. You'll be prompted to enter a name for your server; this is the name that your server will be called in your PlayerLands portal. Note: This doesn't change your Nitrado server's name.

All done!

You can now setup your store in your PlayerLands portal as normal without having to run any commands in game to link to your server.

For more help, check out our other knowledgebase articles to get your started making money from your server community.


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