Staff Accounts

Tue Aug 31 2021

1 min read


A role is a number of permissions that you want a certain Staff Member to have. You can choose as many permissions as you want and apply it to a role, or you can choose a premade role that we already have.

To create a new role, this will be located below the Staff accounts section, and there will be a button in the bottom right which says ‘Create role’ from there you can then choose the right permissions for the role you want.

Add a staff account

Staff accounts can be added to your organisation so other people can help manage your organisation. If you are a Staff member of an organisation you will be able to locate this after you have logged in, it will be listed under ‘Other Organisations’.

To add someone as a Staff account in your organisation, go to the sidebar on the left and the icon will be 2 users. You will then have to enter the user's email, and apply a role that you want them to have.


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