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Whether you’re a group of friends gathering donations, or you want to turn your Rust server into a business, PlayerLands is here to make life easier.

Setting up a store to sell content to players on your Rust server is quick and easy. Supported by uMod. integrating PlayerLands gives you heaps of customization and functionality, and since it’s already connected to the world’s leading payment gateways, you can get it set up and start taking money today.

Easy set up

Have your store up and running in minutes with no hassle.

Chargeback protection

We have your back when it comes to fighting chargebacks.


Grow your community with a best in class webstore.

Switch with ease

Move your existing webstore to PlayerLands.

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Do I have to pay for an SSL certificate?

PlayerLands believe that you shouldn't have to pay for basic security; all of our webstores, custom domain or otherwise, are distributed a free-of-charge SSL certificate.

What is my store's domain

By default, your store is assigned a free domain with the suffix When creating a store, you are asked what you want the prefix of this domain to be.

What is a Gift Card / Coupon Code?

A gift card is a token that you can generate and give to a player. This code can have any value, and can be used at checkout to put a flat rate discount on their basket. The scope of a giftcard is across the organisation, but can be limited to specific stores.

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