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Custom stores

Custom domains.

If you own your own domain, hook it up to your PlayerLands store for free. Otherwise, you will get a free PlayerLands subdomain

No limits.

PlayerLands will never limit on how many servers you run, games you want to monetize or the amount of payments processed.

SSL certificate.

Security is number 1 on PlayerLands priority list, so we offer you a free-of-charge SSL certificate - That goes for all Playerlands webstores, custom domain or otherwise.


Looking to increase your sales or run a special event on your server? PlayerLands discounts will cover all you need to run promotions

Team accounts.

We know that monetizing your server can be a big ask if you are alone, so invite team members to help you with your journey. all at no extra cost.

Custom stores.

PlayerLands default stores are ready out of the box but if you have your own preferred style use our full HTML & CSS editor powered by the nunjucks templating language.

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