Platform Update June 2021

Fri Jul 16 2021

We're levelling up PlayerLands. This month brings in loads of new features to help you and your community reach new heights. Let's take a look at what's new this month.

Community Goals! - You can now set a community goal to help drive donations and purchases, we have a guide here if you want to quickly set one now. It's really easy to use and can drive up your donations and purchases! Plus, it's really rewarding for your community too - you can even set commands to run on your server when the goal is reached!

Template & Page Editing - Feel free to change up the looks of your store to exactly how you'd like it to be. We now provide CSS / HTML editing supporting modern (and beautiful!) TailwindCSS and Nunjucks. As well as this, we have an on-the-site page editor which lets you easily, and visually (without code!) add text, images and more to different pages on your site! You can even create your own pages! Get started by having a gander at our templating documentation today.

We're 1.17 Compatible Baby! - Yes, that's right. We're rocking 1.17 support right out of the bag. Simply use the latest version of the PlayerLands plugin downloadable from the portal on the Plugins page.‍**

Transactions Page** - You can now view all your recent transactions in one cozy place, simply hit the Transactions button on the left in the portal. This will show all transactions for all stores in the organisation you're currently logged in as.

As always, we're always looking to improve things, so if you have any suggestions or even any questions, drop us a message!