Industry Veterans Join PlayerLands

Fri Jul 16 2021

The appointments see Hayes and Fletcher join our growing and highly talented PlayerLands team of experts in the fields of payment, social media, design, affiliate marketing and SEO, with experience gained at Riot Games, 2K, HiPay, Pepsico and amongst others. At PlayerLands we currently support Minecraft Spigot servers, and in the future we will be are working on APIs to monetise a range of other games from Rust to CS:GO.

At PlayerLands we empower PC game server owners (essentially creators of ‘private worlds’ within pre-existing games such as Minecraft) we monetise their creations by selling in-game items to fans and followers. With an easy-to-install plug-in, PlayerLands gives server owners a suite of simple, intuitive tools to sell in-game items, and accept monthly subscriptions or donations from gamers who wish to access their content.

"As games become even more essential as a way for players to socialise during lockdown, server games have never been so popular. It’s an immensely exciting time to join PlayerLands, whose platform helps server owners make money while providing a better service to players”.

Mike Hayes, Chairman.

Mike brings over 23 years’ experience in interactive businesses and at multinational games company SEGA, he was CEO for Europe and America presiding over a turnover in excess of £400 million. He was responsible for the re-birth of SEGA as a multi-platform software company and we are delighted to have him as part of our PlayerLands team.

“Having worked with server owners for many years at Multiplay, I know that when it comes to monetisation, having a simple, secure payments system that won’t cause them a headache or take up hours of management time everymonth can make a huge difference to their lives and businesses”.

Craig Fletcher, non-exec director.

Craig has over 25 years' experience in Esports, events and video gaming. Craig founded Multiplay in 1997 and led its growth to become the largest video gaming events and Esports company in the UK as well as the largest provider of online gaming servers in the UK and we warmly welcome Craig to PlayerLands.