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Grow your online community

Enterprise level features free of charge, you are able to build the best possible webstore and website for your online community.


Keep more of your money

Low transaction costs, and no fee for using our custom checkout, you’re able to keep more of your money.

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Be up and running in minutes

PlayerLands stores come with over 50 payment methods fully integrated so you can be up and running selling items to your community in minutes.


Multiple games under one account

Run multiple stores from multiple servers and games all under the same account.


No delay on delivery

PlayerLands’ modern architecture is designed and built in a way whereby items are delivered in seconds - No more waiting around to receive your content.


Apply ready-to-use webstore templates

Take advantage of our professionally designed webstore templates, or use our free custom HTML and CSS template editor to design the store you want.

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Open API

Integrate PlayerLands directly into your own platform using our open APIs, the sky is the limit with what you can do.


Increase sales

With many in-game features and a custom checkout designed to help increase sales, whilst enhancing your players’ experience.


Analyse your servers performance

Use our statistics and analytics tools to monitor what is going on in your community.


Backed by industry leading experts

Backed by the British Business Bank and a management team with years of experience in the computer games industry.

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