About Us

PlayerLands is a VC backed payment engine for video games.

For server owners, developers and publishers we provide shopfronts to sell in-game items to players. Unlike some other providers you may have come across, you should find our service very straightforward: it’s easy to deploy, requires zero technical skill, and has all the payment partners you need pre-integrated, so there’s no messing about with APIs.

You’ll also find the way our stores look and feel makes a big difference to player interaction. Store fronts work with your branding and artwork, appear beautifully on mobile (we know players love having a second screen open) and come with automatic protection against fraud and chargebacks.

We don’t stop there though. We want to help make your games as successful as we possibly can, because your success is also ours. We’ll be supplying useful tips, and tools to help you find new players and market your games and stores as widely as possible. Knowing how to accelerate growth and make the most of your IP is a skill we want to share.

We’re going to be announcing a number of exciting developments that will make PlayerLands a one-stop shop for monetising your games, and we can’t wait to get started.

For players, we will be a resource for securely buying items in the games you love, and a way of finding new ones you may not have come across. We’ll also keep your money secure, and let you see everything you’ve bought in one handy page.

We’re backed by large scale investors, and our team is utterly passionate about games, as well as supplying technology and service we can be proud of. Collectively our experience includes time at Sega, Nintendo, League of Legends, and 2K Games amongst many others - it’s a world we love, respect and want to serve to the very best of our ability.

Welcome to PlayerLands.